Alla Romazanova

Head of the Studio of Permanent Makeup and Female Tattoo N1 in Minsk. Master of PMU since 2001. Founder of the Association of PM Professionals in Belarus and the PM School in Minsk.

PM teacher and developer of PM training programs, as well as manuals on the topics "Realistic areola", "Waved brows".

Rapporteur and judge of various PM championships. A person who is continuously striving for development: 14 years of art education, 20 years in working with tattoos and PM. I provide free aesthetic assistance to women after oncology to restore the natural outline of the areola.

The world around us is changing every day, so are we. Tattoo and permanent make-up is a way to preserve beauty and youth, to express your individuality, to return what was lost, to decorate your body for many years.

Tattooing is not a spontaneous hobby. I have a serious art education, which began with an art school in my hometown Rechitsa. Then she graduated from the art school named after Glebov in the regional center - the city of Gomel. I got a higher art education at the Belarusian State Academy of Arts at the faculty of Design and Arts and Crafts.

As an independent master, I have been working since 1995. During this time, I gathered considerable experience, which I willingly share in the press. Below you can familiarize yourself with the publications. With pleasure I conduct group classes and master classes, I give private consultations.
My work and creativity fill my heart with happiness and joy, and life - with meaning!

Event posters
Realistic areola
Imitation, restoration of the natural outline of the areola.
May 11th
Realistic areola
Imitation, restoration of the natural outline of the areola.
February 18
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Studio art video
Good things stay with us for a long time
With love from Alla Romazanova studio
"Private" to Valerina №32
Unusual Charity
frames start with me at 18:10
For Global Permanent
How to choose a teacher? How to find customers by areola. You will find answers to these other questions in an interview.
Internet publications
Про бизнес
"Tattoo is an endless well, there is room for development": the owner of a tattoo parlor about body paintings and cloning herself
City Dog
Minsk tattoo artist helps women survivors of breast cancer: "The pattern dictates the scar after surgery"
If you have questions, suggestions for me - write right away for the purpose of communication. I will be happy to help you.